Got some slow mo of BGK Hawaii’s RockZa in the yard today too!! @largestbullypitbulls Everyone go follow @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii @bgkhawaii (at The Hawaii Compound)

    GOLIATH sliding around the yard today…. Caught him in slow mo action LoL!!! @bullybluegiants (at The Hawaii Compound)

    No fuck around my dog he shred coconuts on the daily hahahaha!!! @bullybluegiants @brown_igher @raided_x_8o8 @raidernation_259 @lara_allen @recklesssince88 (at The Next Big Thing)

    GOLIATH decides to rip up a coconut after he just got done playing in the mud… What a spoiled brat this dog is hahaha!!!
    @bullybluegiants (at The Hawaii Compound)

    @50cent A track off of Animal Ambition…. Don’t Worry Bout It ft.Yo Gotti

    Small kine fun today at the spot!!! You know!!! Hahaha!!! 💦😝💦🏊 (at Abandon Mansion)

    How heavy is he? How old is he? Who’s his parents? Where’s he from? Who you guys breeding em with?……. Don’t worry bout it!!! (at The Next Big Thing)